A Visitor's Guide to Planet Earth

Want More Miracles in Your Life?

In more ways than one, you hold the answer to that question in your own hands. This amazing book connects the dots to show how everything is created from vibrations and subtle energies and how they impact everything we do.

Without leaving gaps that require leaps of faith, Vibrations explains clearly why miracles occur. Full of compelling examples, it provides answers to the basic questions of how to live a rich, happy and fulfilling life; how to have more of what we want; and how to disappear what we don't want. Vibrations shakes up our view of the world as nothing before has.

"Wilma Bennett's mission in life is to 'vibrate the highest frequencies of which she is capable to those around her.' With this book she extends that capacity to all her readers. In straightforward language she demonstrates how vibrations connect us to the subtle realms as she unlocks the keys to essential living. Drawing on her many years of personal experience and study, she lays out a path that is both enriching and rewarding for all. Deceptively simple, this book is a repository of profound wisdom."

--Paul Rademacher, Executive Director, The Monroe Institute